Bridge Club

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Thursdays, 1:00pm

Conveners:Claire Manhire - 705-429-0240


Enjoy the mental challenge, fellowship, and camaraderie of our favorite game - Bridge.  Open to players of all skill levels, again no partner is required as the teams rotate throughout the afternoon.  Coffee and goodies are served and new players are always welcome.  Prizes are awarded to the top four players.



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Mondays, 7:00pm

Conveners: Brenda Wood - 705-429-7486


Join us for a fun evening of Euchre.


Bid Euchre


Tuesdays, 7:00pm

Convener: Rickey Lemire - 705-422-1738

Convener: Lionel Schneider- 705-429-7952

Convener: Marg Taylor- 705-429-7952

Fridays, 7:00pm

Convener: Terry Watt- 705-429-1167

Convener: Fran Hobbs- 705-428-3521



Come and join us for a fun evening of Bid Euchre.  For those interested in learning the game, Friday is our teaching night and Tuesday is a regular game night.  Prizes are awarded to the top three men and top three women.  Coffee, tea and snacks are also available.



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Tuesdays, 1:00pm

Conveners: Brenda Wood - 705-429-7486

Conveners: Denise Spicehowicez - 705-352-1305



Join us for an afternoon of Cribbage.






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